If I Were Supreme Ruler of the World...
How the world would be different if I were in charge. And other stuff. Actually, mostly hockey now...

urrone said: FMK- Geno, Kaner, Pyatt :))


Pyatt: Fuck.  That man is a large man.  That man is a beautiful man.  That man needs to get in my bed.  And that’s all I have to say about that, omg he’s so fucking dilishis!

Geno: Marry.  Tall and amazing and fucking adorable, with that deep voice and Russian accent and sexy hockey.  Our children would be fabulous!  I want them!!!

Kill: Kaner, cuz he’s such a little shit, lol.  I love him to death.  And that’s how I’d do it, too.  HA!

Thanks for asking!

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